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Thermochromic Quartz Banger

Thermochromic Quartz Bangers Nail Color Change


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  1. 4  joint Size for choose  14mm male   14mm female  18mm male   18mm female
  2. Please note This Banger Nail is 28mm OD, The 28mm production process is more complicated than 25mm, the use of experience is much better than 25mm.
  3. .High purity quartz Excellent and special design
  4. This Thermochromic Quartz is the newest innovative tool
  5. Double-wall insert sand need higher craftsmanship, Different from general quartz tools
  6. Thermal Banger Design insert yellow sand is the unique design in the world


Notice: The Yellow sand is an imported mineral, which will change color when heated to a certain temperature, When we tested this product, we used a hydrogen-oxygen fire spray gun with a temperature of up to 1900 ° F to heat the bottom of the product. When the yellow sand inside changed to heat and changed color, the color of the sand would still turn yellow after cooling.If the sand turns black after use, we estimate that the temperature of the heating tool is not high enough. Many people directly use a lighter or torch to heat it. If the temperature is not high enough, it may cause the bottom quartz to turn black. We try No matter how many times it is heated, the sand turns yellow after cooling



  1. Thermochromic Quartz Banger Nail
  2. Color Changed Quartz Banger Nail
  3. 28mm OD, Color Changes to orange around 300-350 Degrees Red= Hot Orange=Just Right Yellow=Cold
  4. Popular Banger Nail on the internet
  5. 14mm male 14mm female 18mm male 18mm female quartz banger nail