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About us

Around 2014, We tried to start an online wholesale smoking tools business. Received various purchase orders from North American merchants, and gradually gained a better understanding of customer needs for this type of goods. Soon After, We launched the retail business on major e-commerce platforms. Product sales are very good.

Since we have many years of experience in this industry, So 420bigstone online headshop can provide the best shopping experience to customers.

In the unpredictable 2020,420bigstone online headshop is born. Our website Supply the most popular smoking tools in the world.We sell Gas mask bong, quartz bangers,dab nail,grinders,recyclers, smoking pipes,water pipes,hookahs,dab straw, silicone rigs, glass bongs,dab rig, etc.We know what function what type what price product you need. We Guarantee you will get the best customer service,The best product for your relaxation time

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